Australia shrugged off a prolonged rain delay to dispatch the West Indies Tigers and take a 2 nil lead into the first rest day of the tournament.
In shades of Cambridge, Australia arrived at the rural Barbadian ground of St Lawrence to find their footing as soggy as European equities in early trading,
With the benefit of impartial match referees, prerogative writs were left in pockets and decisive umpiring ensued: play would start at 1pm with an early lunch at 12pm.
Ian Smith and Tim Leoncelli opened the batting against a much proved West Indies B attack. Smith showed courage and valour in the face of early heat from the Trinidadian and Guyanan openers, who took advantage of the humid conditions and moved the white Dukes ball around majestically.
After several elegant strokes, Leoncelli was run out early on in the Australian innings. The antithesis was Smith at the other end, who was watchful early before soon rising to the occasion and taking to the Dad's Army Windies attack.
Smith's appetite for runs was insatiable, as he looked to his strength down the ground and promptly showed the Windies bowlers that they were a poor imitation of the days of Wes Hall & Co – Wes (Australia’s team ambassador for the tournament)was sitting, quietly appalled in the pavilion.
Meanwhile, Seb Reid hit form at the other end, exorcising his demons from a golden duck at The Oval on 4 August 2009. Reid stroked his way to 35 before going up a gear only to unselfishly end his innings on 40, in aid of the team.
Enter Tiplady who was swiftly back in his seat after attempting to slog an off stump half volley through mid wicket for four.
Reminiscent of Fernando Torres, the new arrival to the crease, Murray Proctor, scratched around for a prolonged period, only managing to get his foot to the ball without scoring.
In the end, Australia finished its 20 overs at 5 for 143.
Keen to continue the dominance, Chris 'Turbo' McGowan opened the bowling, starting strongly to remove two key batsman in his first three overs – he had bowled well the day before without luck.
Maroske struggled at the other end, again, bowling left arm everywhere.
Forbes contained the Windies, while Proctor came on at the other end in his first bowl for Australia since Cambridge.
Proctor was in the wickets, bowling a decent ball, which drifted and dipped to defeat the batsman, before Smith whipped the bails off – continuing his form with the bat.
Maroske came back with the same effect before Ron Heinrich and Josh Richards returned to clean up; Josh taking two wickets; and Ron one.
In the end, it was another clinical win for Australia, who is still very much on track to retain the Butterfield Cup.

Australia 5 / 143 (Smith 87, Reid 40) v West Indies 6 / 76 (McGowan 2 / 8, Richards 2 / 9)