The 2nd International Lawyers' Cricket World Cup was held at Cambridge University, England, in July 2009.  The team numbers doubled between the first and second tournaments and 12 teams competed in a 2 pool format of 35 overs per innings. 

All participants stayed at Churchill College, Cambridge, and the games were held at nearby picturesque College grounds, being some of the best pitches in England.

After 2 weeks of competition, Australia beat India in the final at The Oval on 4 August 2009, by 1 run with 2 balls to spare - very exciting stuff! 

Australia received the Butterfield Cup, which trophy was struck in honour of Sam & Michaela Butterfield, who were married just before the first tournament. Tragically, they were both killed in a motor vehicle accident in India, shortly after the tournament, while on their honeymoon.

Sir Neil Butterfield, a puisne judge of the High Court of Justice of England, presented the winning trophy to Australia at The Oval on 4 August 2009.  This trophy is now competed for perpetually at future tournaments.