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About the Lawyers Cricket World Cup

The first World Cup was played in Hyderabad, India, in January, 2008. Teams from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Australia and Barristers from England and Wales took part, with India winning the Cup. The Cup was considered by those who took part to be so successful that it was decided to make it a regular event and the next Lawyers Cricket World Cup was held in Cambridge, England, in 2009.

The third annual Lawyers Cricket World Cup involving teams from Australia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, England and host territory West Indies will be played in Barbados from 7th - 21st August 2011.


Venues such as Empire, Wanderers, Carlton, Weymouth, Queens Park, St Catherine and Lime (BET) have been chosen to host several of the matches. The UWI will host the three opening matches involving Australia, Sri Lanka Pakistan and the West indies A teams in addition to the two Semi-finals on 17th and 18th August. The final will take place at the Kensington Oval on Saturday 20th August.

Australian Team - Lawyers Cricket World Cup

1. Andrew Forbes

2. Jonathan Garforth

3. Ron Heinrich

4. Tim Leoncelli

5. Daniel Maroske

6. Chris McGowan

7. Murray Procter

8. Sebastian Reid

9. Josh Richards

10. Ian Smith

11. Adrian Tinetti

12. Ashley Tiplady

13. Warwick Lindsay

14. Tim Wheller

15. Dean Wright

Programme of Events

Sun August 7 Ceremonial Game: Prime Minister's XI vs Principal's XI
Mon August 8 Group Phase Day 1
Tue August 9 Group Phase Day 2
Wed August 10 Rest Day - Commonwealth Inv. Game
Thu August 11 Group Phase Day 3
Fri August 12 Rest Day - Commonwealth Inv. Game
Sat August 13 International Business Conference / Sports Arbitration
Mon August 15 Round 2
Mon August1 6 Round 3
Wed August 17 Semi Final 1
Thu August 18 Semi Final 2
Fri August 19 Rest Day
Sat August 20 Finals at Kensington Oval

Who is Taking Part?

This year the following teams will be competing at Barbados:
Sri Lanka A
Sri Lanka B
West Indies Lions
West Indies Tigers

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