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About the Lawyers Cricket World Cup

The first World Cup was played in Hyderabad, India, in January, 2008. Teams from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Australia and Barristers from England and Wales took part, with India winning the Cup. The Cup was considered by those who took part to be so successful that it was decided to make it a regular event.

This year the Lawyers Cricket World Cup is being held in Cambridge, England, between 26 July and 4 August, 2009.


Australian Team - Lawyers Cricket World Cup

1.    K Prince (Captain)

2.    AR Martin (Vice Captain)

3.    RK Heinrich (Manager)

4.    AJ Crocker

5.    AR Forbes

6.    TJ Flaherty

7.    JH Garforth

8.    DJ Maroske

9.    CJ McGowan

10.    DP Morris

11.    JC Motum

12.    MS Procter

13.    SPP Reid

14.    GJ Rowell

15.    AJ Tiplady

16.    TC Wheller

17.    DS Wright

Team Profiles


Programme of Events

Saturday July 25 Arrive in England; travel to Cambridge.
Sunday July 26 Opening ceremony at Fenners Ground. Ceremony presided over by a senior Judge. There will follow an exhibition match featuring members of each team and a Judges Eleven.
Monday July 27 Match 1
Tuesday July 28 Match 2
Wednesday July 29 Match 3
Thursday July 30 Legal Seminar - click here for more info
Friday July 31 Match 4
Saturday August 1 Rest day
Sunday August 2 Match 5
Monday August 3 Match 6 (Semi-finals and play-offs, all teams)
Tuesday August 4 The Final and closing ceremony – to be held at the Oval, London


Who is Taking Part?

This year the following teams will be competing at Cambridge:
England Barristers
England Solicitors
New Zealand
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago

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In addition to the tournament at, there is a blog operating at which will be updated with news of the tournament.

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